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Thomas Perry
marraige to
Ann Tonkin James


John J. Perry
marraige to
Ellen L. Chase


George H. Perry
marraige to
Alexina M. Boucher


Raymond N Perry
marraige to
Bernadette Carrabis

Name Marriage date Marriage location Spouse

Alice Perry May 08, 1759 Madron,Cornwall,England Glasson, Stephen
Alice Perry Stone, (?)

Alice Perry November 03, 1787 Strathen, Matthew
Andrew Berriman Perry Catherine
Andrew J. Perry Mann, Elizabeth Jane
Andrew J. Perry Chlora
Benjamin Lewis Perry Griffin, Pennie

Bertha Alexina Perry April 06, 1949 First Cong.Church,Manchester,NH Sr., William Asher Chestnut
Catherine Perry September 25, 1803 Zennor,Cornwall,England Michell, Stephen
Cheryl Lyn Perry June 23, 1984 Manchester,NH Frodge, James Earl
Daniel Perry August 10, 1697 Breage,Cornwall,England Williams, Elizabeth
Daniel Perry October 08, 1644 Crediton,Devon,England Pearse, Christian
Daniel Perry April 04, 1665 Crediton,Devon,England Garret, Elizabeth
Daniel Perry April 01, 1727 Zennor,Cornwall,England Renawden, Ednah
Daniel Perry Mary
Daniel Perry March 27, 1751 St.Ives,Cornwall,England Richards, Jane
Daniel Perry 1838 Berryman, Mary
David H. Perry June 12, 1971 Joplin,MO. Hoare, Christi Ann
Denise Perry Ellis, George Albert
Doris Perry Hildreth, Harold L.
Edna Perry June 17, 1775 Towednack,Cornwall,England Ninnies, James
Edward Perry Chigg, Jone
Elizabeth Jane Perry Hancock
Elizabeth Johns Perry January 15, 1863 Uny Lelant, Cornwall,England Williams, Henry
Elizabeth Perry Phillip, Richard
Elizabeth Perry November 17, 1754 Chase, Aaron
Elizah Perry Thomas
Ellen L. Perry Gould, George
Eona Perry Lumsdaine, David
Ester Mae Perry Martens
Esther Perry Symons, John Joseph
Francis Perry April 04, 1844 Uny Lelant, Cornwall,England
Geneva (Jennie) Perry Webb
George Herbert Perry July 11, 1923 Franklin,N.H. Babycheaux, Alexina Marie
George Herbert Perry III
George Perry Loudey
George Perry Rowden, Anne
George Perry Barry, Elizabeth
George Perry June 05, 1858 Ballaratt,Victoria, Austraila Mitchell, Emma
George Perry May 30, 1829 Phillack,Cornwall,England Johns, Phillipa
George Perry June 02, 1799 Uny Lelant, Cornwall,England Glasson, Susanna
George Perry February 26, 1721/22 Truro,Cornwall,England Warren, Margaret
Gladys Ellen Perry Paddy, William
Gladys Norine Perry Gastineau
Gladys Pearl Perry Abt. 1945 Weston, Edward
Helene Thelma Perry December 10, 1953 St. Joseph's Cathedral, Man.,NH Dupont, Clarence
Henry Perry Bonnie
Honor Perry Glasson, John
Isabel Perry Chase, William
James Albert Perry Quiet, Barbara
Janice Perry Jay, Willie
Jean Perry Titus, Leslie
Joan Perry May 10, 1625 Crediton,Devon,England Honiwill, John
John Andrew Perry 1902 Hazelton,Penn. Wilner, Elizabeth
John Dallas Perry Reed, Priscilla Ann
John James Perry January 14, 1922 Hopkins, Helen A.
John James Perry August 21, 1894 Rumney,NH Chase, Ellen L.
John Perry Jone
John Perry May 25, 1624 Crediton,Devon,England Maunder, Thomazine
John Perry October 23, 1813 Zennor,Cornwall,England Thomas, Elizabeth
John Perry July 12, 1781 Zennor,Cornwall,England Borlaze, Elizabeth
John Perry Zennor,Cornwall,England Perry, Mary
John Perry August 19, 1837 Uny Lelant, Cornwall,England Oatey, Mary
John Perry Levinia
John Perry May 29, 1834 Paul,Cornwall,England Leah, Elizabeth
Josiah Perry James, Rebecca Jane
Juliana Perry July 16, 1626 Crediton,Devon,England Mahoone, Richard
Kenneth Neal Perry Desaulnier, Linda Jeanne
Kristal Leigh Perry 1985 Cupples, David Andrew
Lily Perry December 19, 1903 St.Johns,Weymouth,Dorset,England Grant, Robert Henry
Louise Janet Perry Abt. 1963 Boucher, Roger
Mabel (May) Perry Basnett, Thomas
Margaret Perry May 29, 1831 Uny Lelant, Cornwall,England Green, James
Margaret Perry January 19, 1799 Zennor,Cornwall,England Maddern, John
Margery Perry August 15, 1670 Crediton,Devon,England Harris, John
Margo Leah Perry October 1995 Shelby Forrest State Park,Tenn. Edwards, David Ferrell
Mary Ann Perry Harry, Richard
Mary Perry Zennor,Cornwall,England Perry, John
Mary Perry March 06, 1783 Frathen, William
Mary Perry 1799 St.Just,Cornwall,England James, Edward
Mary Perry Bice, Sam
Matilda Perry Kenna, Fred
Megan Melissa Perry May 31, 1997 Webb City,MO. Sabo, Jonathan
Nancy Ellen Perry Abt. 1970 Petrusch, Christopher
Nancy Perry August 15, 1859 Kooringa,South Austraila Ware, John
Norma Perry Evans, Harold
Olive Perry Glover, Robert
Phillippa Johns Perry July 01, 1856 Uny Lelant, Cornwall,England Michell, Sampson
Priscilla Perry Chase, William
Priscilla Perry Ellis, Thomas
Ralph Bernard Perry Henkle, Jo Ann
Raymond Neil Perry August 23, 1963 City Hall,Manchester,NH Carrabis, Bernadette Rose
Rebecca Jane Perry York, John
Richard Perry 1917 Halston Osborne, Bertha Florence
Sarah Perry Puffer, Jabez
Shirley Jewel Perry Abt. 1970 Marston, Kieth
Susannah Perry November 20, 1831 Cornwall,England Matthews, Edward
Thomas Henry Perry April 13, 1878 Paul,Cornwall,England Matthews, Esther Ann
Thomas Henry Perry Saunders, Amelia Rose
Thomas Johns Perry Mitchell, Eliza
Thomas Perry Zennor,Cornwall,England Ann
Thomas Perry May 29, 1850 Uny Lelant Parish,Cornwall,England James, Ann Tonkin
Thomas Perry May 09, 1829 Zennor,Cornwall,England Curnow, Alice
Thomas Perry Abt. 1878 A., Catherine
Thomas Perry A., Catherine
Viola Lee Perry Goodpasture, Paul Leroy
Walter Arthur Perry May 18, 1960 Manchester,NH Bogert, Joann
Walter Edwin Perry Monterey,Cal. Brown, Vanessa
William Andrew Perry December 20, 1928 Stokenham,Devon,Cornwall,England Harry, Margaret
William Andrew Perry Nankivell, Rosemary
William Henry Perry Cornwall,England Sarah
William Henry Perry March 18, 1917 Columbus, Kansas Pepper, Tressa
William Henry Perry September 04, 1938 Joplin,MO. Barmore, Marion Ethel
William Perry Sarah
William Perry Stevens, Elizabeth
William Perry 1832 Paul, Cornwall, England Mathews, Mary Elizabeth
William Perry January 17, 1801 Zennor,Cornwall,England Eddy, Elizabeth
William Perry September 10, 1778 Zennor,Cornwall,England Hollow, Catherine
William Perry February 25, 1706/07 Crediton,Devon,England Dennis, Mary

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